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Continuing Medical EducationCME

In the long-term work practice, the connotation and form of continuing medical education(CME) work have been continuously developed and improved in our hospital. Focusing on the "three natures" (targeting, practicality, Progressiveness) and "four new" (new theory, new technology, new method, new knowledge) of CME, the concept of "continuing professional development(CPD)" is more emphasized. Combining CME with the career development of health technicians, and highlighting the training of competency.

Relying on the advantages of scientific and technological achievements and the influence of disciplines, we actively applied for and organized national-level CME projects, from 15 in 1997 to 115 in 2019. We also pay close attention to the quality of training and teaching. Project teachers carefully prepare lessons. The teaching methods are diverse, including case discussion, operation and teaching, and surgical observation. In 2019, more than 21,000 health technicians throughout the province and even the country were trained. At the same time, we brought the project to the grass-roots medical units and the western region, which alleviated the imbalance of regional medical resources to a certain extent.

In 1998, the hospital's hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery (organ transplantation) and infectious disease department were approved to become national-level CME bases. In addition to holding national-level CME projects each year, we also receive health technicians from all over the country for further study. In 2019, a total of 98 health technicians from the country were trained.

In 2012, the hospital began to implement electronic credit files, which improved the efficiency of credit registration and management.

The hospital conducts all-round and multi-level training and academic lectures to create a strong learning atmosphere. The “Thursday clinical lecture” since 1994 was mainly targeted at residents, and a total of 40 sessions were held in 2019, training more than 3,200 students. We also regularly invite domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars to come to the hospital for academic reports to introduce the latest research progress, hotspots and difficulties in the medical field.

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