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Undergraduate education

FAHZU has begun to cultivate undergraduates in clinical medicine since 1950. In 2005, FAHZU started to cultivate students from 8-year programs of clinical medicine, "5+3" Training Model for Master Degree and MBBS(Medical Bachelor & Bachelor of Surgery) training programs, and FAHZU undertakes the teaching of clinical theory courses, clerkships and internships for nearly 400 clinical medical students each year, as well as in Preventive Medicine, Stomatology, Basic Medicine Science and other majors. FAHZU carries out the courses of organ / system integration and "clerkship" teaching mode, focuses on comprehensive training to clinical problem-driven, student-centered, emphasizes to cultivate students' competence, such as medical professionalism, clinical skills, medical humanities, scientific research literacy and other abilities. PBL, CBL and other teaching methods are consistently implemented in FAHZU, as well as MOOC and simulation course are constructed. FAHZU will continue to promote the reform of medical education and cultivate outstanding medical talents.

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