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Kidney Disease Center

Kidney Disease Center of The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine is a State Key Clinical Department. Prof. Chen Jianghua, director of the center, is currently the chairman of the Chinese Society of Nephrology (CSN).  

Our center owns 13 professors or senior doctors, 14 associate professors or associate senior doctors, 3 doctoral supervisors and 10 postgraduate supervisors. By far, our center has presided 11 key scientific and research projects of China, including the National Eleventh-Five Year Scientific and Technical Supporting Program, National Twelfth-Five Year Scientific and Technical Supporting Program, 863 Project, 973 Project, and etc. In addition, our center has also presided 27 national scientific research projects funded by NSFC, and more than 100 provincial scientific projects. To date, the center has already cultured 7 post doctorates, 45 doctor students, and 193 postgraduates.

In the past few decades, with several generations' hard working, the Kidney Disease Center has created a new way of treatment, integrated therapy for kidney diseases, and has made remarkable achievements in multiple areas, such as application of novel immunosuppressive reagents in refractory kidney disease; germ-free, apyrogenic, high standard dialysis; CBP for treating critically ill patients; and induction of immune tolerance in kidney transplants with refractory rejection.

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